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This is a short video from my by far largest and most complete project, Flat-Life. It was a mod that focused on arcade-like gameplay. It moved from being a buggy singleplayer only platform mod where you couldn't shoot enemies that where on the left side of the screen to a less-buggy singleplayer and multiplayer mod with several gamemodes.

Features include:

  • Platform and topdown singleplayer and multiplayer gameplay.
  • A custom weapon model system much like the one in Sven-Coop
  • The ability to play chipmusic ingame.
  • Deatmatch, team deathmatch and capture the flag multiplayer.
  • A level selection system so the player could start user made maps without using the console.
  • Implemented the water shader effect from MechMod

Full version 1.3 source avalible, along with a tutorial on how to implement the shader water in a Spirit based mod.